Pretty Eclectic Textiles is an online concept boutique specializing in fashionable prints. It was founded by a Houston-native, Nigerian-American fashionista who suffered from years of alopecia but graciously recovered after switching to silk fabrics. In her quest to explore the world of silk, she discovered, there were no products on the market that offered her the style and protection that she desired. Determined to find a practical product with style and grace, she along with her team of artists created a collection of multi-functional scarves from various cultural inspirations.
We offer a collection of premium scarves in a vast assortment of colors and prints –uniquely meeting the needs of every type of scarf lover. These bold, expressive designs are all double-sided --offering complete versatility. All scarves have been tested and are free from chemicals and irritants. Now you can strut in a fashionable and healthy style.